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Kareena Kapoor in a Fiery Red Saree at 3 Idiots Premier

Kareena Kapoor wore a fiery sheer red saree to the premier of 3 Idiots, her latest Bollywood hit which also stars Aamir Khan, Sharman Joshi, and R. Madhavan. It takes a lot for a flick to satisfy my tastes and this one was spot on. Though Kareena is not one of my favorites, Aamir Khan sure is. Plus, Sharman Joshi and R. Madhavan pair up well with Aamir Khan as a comic trio. The film’s plot, though comedic, has a great message that will hopefully hit home in India and to viewers across the globe: don’t give up on your dreams just for the sake of pleasing others.

Kareena Kapoor in a Fiery Red Saree at 3 Idiots Premier    designer saree bollywood saree
Kareena looks hot and Aamir is quite dashing.

Kareena Kapoor in a Fiery Red Saree at 3 Idiots Premier    designer saree bollywood saree
I see a pattern. Did these guys all color-coordinate their outfits?


Kareena in Gitanjali ad for Parineeta collection

Kareena in Gitanjali ad for Parineeta collection    saree ads bollywood saree

Bollywood actress and brand ambassador Kareena Kapoor today unveiled a new collection of exclusive, high end wedding jewellery from the Parineeta brand, specially introduced for The Great Indian Wedding Carnival, a month long mega-shopping festival coinciding with the marriage season and Akshaya Tritiya.

Kareena Kapoor says, “The new collection from Parineeta combines a modern look and feel with some traditional elements and is just perfect for a present day Indian bride. These are amazing designs crafted to perfection with diamonds and coloured stones, and I am sure that the consumers will really love them.”


A saree for Kareena from Sainiks

Please don’t turn saree in to a chador! Do these people even know that the “indian culture” included “not wearing a blouse” till very recently? Blouse was never a part of the saree wearing tradition. Saree might cover the breasts, but the back would always be bare – no different than the picture above.

Indian culture is not about showing or hiding skin – it is about respecting women and empowering them and making sure that women half, the better half, plays an important role in our society!

If you want to save the Indian Culture, join the “save the girl child” campaign; don’t get hung up on a little piece of fabric.

Just a reminder for Shiv Sainik – ratio of girl birth to boy child birth in Mumbai is dismal 898, i.e., there are only 898 girl child born for every 1000 boys (950 girls to 1000 boys is conisered average). Find out who is killing 52+ girls for every 1000 girl born rather than worrying about who is wearing what in a movie!

Shiv Sena and Saree to Karina

A saree for Kareena from Sainiks    bollywood saree

Shiv Sena workers on Friday tied a saree around a poster of Kareena Kapoor from the film ‘Kurbaan’, expressing indignation over the still flashing her bare back. Women Shiv Sena members tied a saree around the poster of Kareena in Juhu, who is shown holding a bare-chested Saif Ali Khan, in the image.

The sainiks had visited Kareena’s residence to present her a saree. However, the police deployed around her house saw to that such action are prevented. Some sources from the Sena group stated,”We objected to the posters as they showed the actress semi-nude and we found to be in very bad taste. It violates our Indian culture.”

The movie, starring Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor and Vivek Oberoi, is slated for release later this month. It is directed by Rensil D’Silva and is a romance set against the backdrop of terrorism.

The film, which is already in news for a steamy love scene between Kareena and Saif was previously titled ‘Jehad’.

A saree for Kareena from Sainiks    bollywood saree


Kareena Kapoor – someone find her a (new) designer


Folks, Kareena Kapoor needs a new designer, or at least a personal clothing shopper. Her saris are quite atrocious, this one included! What’s with those oversized motifs on the tomato red sari with the ugly cream and silver border?? We have yet to see Kareena look elegant in a sari. If you have, send us a picture or link!

Kareena Kapoor   someone find her a (new) designer    bollywood saree


Kareena Kapoor in a white sari

Kareena Kapoor is wearing a grayish white sari with light sequin work along the borders. When you can see the entire blouse through the sari, it means that the sari is a bit too thin. It is transparent, but not in a flattering way. That, and the total lack of accessorization makes the whole look rather washed out. This sari could have been nicely paired with pearls and silver, at very least long dangling earrings and lots of bangles.

Kareena Kapoor in a white sari    bollywood saree


Manish Malhotra’s at Lakme Fashion Week

Manish Malhotras at Lakme Fashion Week    designer saree

Shades of blue, red and black dominated the Manish Malhotra’s show with heavy embroidery, zari, crystals, sequins and brocade to highlight the delicate shimmering eye-catching motifs.

This one is classic Malhotra – its blold, its bright, its glitzy and it has plenty of play in colors.

Manish Malhotra has been working in Bollywood for 20 years as a costume designer and fashion stylist. Manish is responsible for styling actors from Hema Malini, Rekha, Sridevi, Madhuri, Kajol, Kareena Kapoor, Rani Mukherji to more recently Katrina Kaif and Sonam Kapoor (just to name a few).

Manish Malhotras at Lakme Fashion Week    designer saree