Dhruv Singh’s Binodini

Dhruv Singhs Binodini    traditional sarees saree blouse designer saree

(Source)  Photography- Devansh Jhaveri

This saree is from designer Dhruv Singh’s “Chokher Bali”collection (Festive-Winter’13) … and he made it as a tribute to Binodini. Chokher Bali is a Bengali novel written by Rabindranath Tagore, and he needs no introduction I’m sure. In 2003, Rituparno Ghosh directed a bengali film based on this novel with Aishwarya Rai in lead as Binodini.

More Vintage Sunday Postcard Girls

More Vintage Sunday Postcard Girls    vintage sarees saree history

So cheerful! These girls, each holding a different prop, are from a postcard that was marked 1909.  However, the style seems earlier to me.  We get some detail of the saree fabrics, and the oldest model wears a velvet choli, something more common before the turn of the 20th century.  The border print on her spotted saree is a bit different too.  Maybe they were sisters, but there was no more information….  And I wonder what happened to them, if as middle-aged women they welcomed independence for India.

Sensual Scent of Spring

Daylight saving starts today, it means Spring is closer than you think…but what is Spring without brilliant riots of colour? This photograph by Tarun Vishwa for ELLE’s July edition 2013 under the watchful eyes of the creative director Prashish More and fashion director Malini Banerji … reminds me of the sensual scent of spring with its gorgeous colours; royal blue, crimson, fuchsia and plum.

Creative points for Raw Mango

Creative points for Raw Mango    traditional sarees saree shopping saree ads designer saree
There are probably a zillion saree ads out there today, and increasing by the day too. I have to admit, unless it screams ‘creative’, it gets skipped over with a single click without any mercy and you cannot blame me for my Internet ADD syndrome, or my short attention span and whatever else you wanna call it.

‘itr’ by Khyati Pande

I just love how designer Khyati put together this funky retro look.


Ruth St. Denis, the ‘dancing’ goddess in saree

Ruth Saint Denis (1879 – 1968) embodied many goddess in her time as a dancer, including Radha, Quan Yin, Ishtar, and Isis, just to name a few. Among many photographs of her posing in sarees, this particularly one stood out because of the saree blouse. All those “beads” sewn on her blouse, could they be pearls?? 


Ruth St. Denis, the dancing goddess in saree    vintage sarees saree history saree blouse saree art miscelleneous