Priyanka in Sabyasachi

Priyanka in Sabyasachi    designer saree bollywood saree

One look at this saree and you know that it is classic Sabyasachi saree.

There is texture, there is class and there is eternal beauty in this saree.

I am waiting for Sabyasachi to come visit LA sometime soon; look forward to seeing him.

Designed by Lara Dutta

Designed by Lara Dutta    designer saree bollywood saree

I have been meaning to write about these sarees for a long time. The link kept tempting me from my bookmarks…

These are from Chhabra 555 sarees. I know we don’t talk about Chhabra Sarees much, but they are one of the biggest saree sellers in the country.

This half & half gold woven saree represents the perfect blend of jute and tissue. The border is outlined with lurex lace and a contrast Dupion fabric. Bold Gota Patti floral motifs accentuate the bottom half of the drape.

I liked the cut work on the saree and you know, after all that is said and done, there is something special about gold…

The Delhi Bride explains the allure of Masaba saree

I don’t always approve of, or not always enamored with Masaba style, but I am fully cognizant of the distinctiveness of her style and I admire that for sure.

Here is an article in a site called Delhi Bride and it so perfectly explains the allure of Masaba sarees.

The Delhi Bride explains the allure of Masaba saree    designer saree bridal saree

This is what Shinjini says, and I bet you have all been there..

I’ve been married for almost a year and a half now. And this is what happens every time I open my cupboard to choose a sari to wear to a wedding -
I browse through all the saris I own, and reject 90% of them because “it’s chamki” “too plain” “already worn it to the last 6 weddings” or “everyone’s going to be wearing this”.
Sometimes, when I’ve attended too many weddings in a row, I reject ALL the saris in my cupboard, because it gets seriously repetitive – the same style, the same embroidery, the same fabrics. Now I’m not the kind of person who likes to make serious fashion statements at a wedding,

But occasionally, when I’m really sick of all the typical Indian saris, I wish I had something really fresh and bold. To wear a sari that’s seriously different. Unique. On those rare days when I do want to stand out in a crowd.
Come on, we all have those days. Sparingly, agreed. But we all have them.
And I realize, that I don’t own even a single sari for such a day.
I know, I know. You’ll say “designer wear is what you need, Shinjini!”
To which all I have to say is “I don’t have the budget. Below INR 20,000 please.”

And she concludes with:

Well, there is ONE designer who is the answer to my stand-out-in-a-crowd-sari prayers.
Unique styles? Check. Under 20,000? Check.

So aptly put…

Yes, Masaba, you have a unique place in the saree closet and that is even more precious place than having a unique place in our hearts. Because our heart can expand to keep a lot of people and lot of things, our saree closet doesn’t…. Only very special people, special designers and special event sarees have a place in there.

Her set of special sarees to wear when you go as a guest at a wedding is worth looking at. Check it out.


Drying saris near the Ganges river

As the deadline nears for the 2014 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest, more and more outstanding entries are being submitted every day. Photographers from around the globe are sharing their most remarkable travel moments and adventurous spirit as seen through the eye of their camera lenses.

Drying saris near the Ganges river    saree pics

Drying saris near the Ganges river
Location: Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India, Asia
A group of women dry their saris in the sun after they have been washed in the Ganges river.
Photo and caption by Nacho Calonge / National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest

Via My Modern MET

Masaba Palm and sequins saree!!

Masaba Palm and sequins saree!!    neo sarees designer saree

Saw this on Masaba’s Instagram feed. There are a few other sarees that I noticed there that I meant to post, but the moment passed Masaba Palm and sequins saree!!    neo sarees designer saree

What do you think? I would be hiding the truth if I said that I liked it on the first glance. So I closed my eyes, and opened them again to see if I liked it on the second glance… nope, no luck,. don’t like it on the second glance either.

I know, I know, many of you are are tired of the same texture and same color for all six yards, and want it to splash it up a bit; you want to show different sides of you, a complex persona, may be… but Masaba and I don’t see eye to eye in a lot of her work.

Here is a webstagram link to her Instagram profile

Madhuri Dixit in Mehta Saree

Madhuri Dixit in Mehta Saree    designer saree bollywood saree

I like the concept of the saree, I like the colors of the saree but I am not sure if Madhuri looks at her best in this one.

I have never been fond of the cobble prints and of chunky jewelry for that matter. The mirror work blouse is kind of nice, though.

What do you think of her double rings? I like the coordination of colors, but a bit much for my taste.

Check out Arpita Mehta’s facebook page.

Madhuri Dixit in Mehta Saree    designer saree bollywood saree