Bengali Portrait Photograph

Bengali Portrait Photograph    vintage sarees saree history

Such a pretty saree for hot weather….  The traditional crinkle in the fabric lends coolness as well as a bit of opacity, and adds to the overall variety of textures in this studio photograph.  Though cropped a bit due to the uneven edges of a damaged mount, the visual space remains tall and open and the elegant props suggest a date near the turn of the 20th century.  Check out the classical statuette, the marble column, plants and draperies.

We can guess that the white cotton saree has at least two (probably three) colors at the borders, and that the Western-influenced blouse with a wide ruffle is also white.  I absolutely love the sitter’s complete look, and would wear this any time, any place!


Vintage South Sunday with Many Accessories

 Vintage South Sunday with Many Accessories    vintage sarees sari accessories saree history

A beautifully coloured postcard from Raja Ravi Varma shows young girls in South Indian fashions at the turn of the 20th century.  The tinting is far better than what we see in most images of this era, which is not surprising considering the high quality of Varma’s work in prints and his original paintings.  The shades of greeny-maroon and light blues are so yummy, and I am intrigued by the long-sleeved blouse on the little girl at the left.

The jewellery being worn is distinctively different from the usual - septum pieces, upper-ear elements, more belts, heavier bracelets, cool toe rings, and those solid wire neck-ring/torques!  I tried on a simple vintage necklace like these at a tribal dance conference a year or so ago, and with no added decorations it was about $50.  I didn’t buy it, though I sure thought about it all that weekend.  I did get some other small pieces, but nothing like the torques.

My perfect bridal look

My perfect bridal look    designer saree bridal saree

I would do anything to pull this look on my wedding day. No fuss, no drama, no walking-jewelry-shop look with bling-blings sticking out of ears and nose. Just a beautiful brown girl in her elements on her big day. But, what is it about her really, that I’m so drawn to? Is it her beautiful skin? her long wavy hair? her bronzy sleeveless blouse? her minimal accessories? The whole ensemble I guess, I don’t know but she is my perfect bride, in Gaurav Gupta’s creation. 


Anupama’s Style

Anupamas Style    wordless wed designers designer saree

picture from the Hindustan Times

This could easily have been a ‘Wordless Wednesday’ post but I think a little context is worthwhile here. The woman in the picture is, fashion designer, Anupama Dayal and, yes, she is wearing one of her own creations. Love the smile, love the pose and, certainly, love the saree!

(You can see the article this picture is from by clicking on the picture.)

A Very Saree Business

A Very Saree Business    firangi friday saree

picture from The Age (Aditya Mendiratta)

This lively image is from a charming little article by, Australian, Ashleigh Bonner (on the left here, I think) published in The Age newspaper. It explains how, during a trip to India with her sister, the two of them are invited to a wedding and goes into the trials and tribulations of getting suitably attired. I think they did pretty well.

(You can read the article by clicking on the picture.)

A Ritzy Vintage Automobile as Accessory

A Ritzy Vintage Automobile as Accessory    vintage sarees saree history miscelleneous

Just what some of us would have wanted to accessorise our trendiest sarees back in the late 1920s - a very beautiful car!  I love the way the model’s pallu is draped around to fall in front showing almost no blouse.  It looks really sleek and modern that way, soooo elegant!  And I find it interesting that the saree hem is what could be called “walking length” rather than hiding the cute, low heeled pumps.

Of course, the chauffeur would have worn a snappy uniform, and I don’t really think she is going to go off anywhere all by herself, despite casually opening the driver’s side door.  Any fans of old vehicles know the make, model and year of this classic machine?

A Ritzy Vintage Automobile as Accessory    vintage sarees saree history miscelleneous