Gaurav Gupta : Wink Of Nyx – Mermaid saree dress

Gaurav Gupta : Wink Of Nyx   Mermaid saree dress    saree gowns designers designer saree

In the last couple of months, all the sarees that I encountered and the ones that awed me were all from Gaurav Gupta.

What an amazing talent – he takes sarees to new heights.

What I absolutely love is that these are technically gowns, but they stay so true to the saree concept. Each one a distinctive one.

His creations are out of these world, suitable only for the apsaras to wear.

For the next week, I will showcase one saree each day from Gaurav Gupta collection.

If you are not following him on Facebook – you must.

In love with Péro’s polka dots

In love with Péros polka dots    designer saree
I’ve been absent for awhile – film, work, love, travel, etc. – you name it, life absorbed me deeply … but come 2015, I was inspired by Péro’s polka dot ikat saree to return to SD  to say hello. Vogue India Fashion Fund winner, designer Aneeth Arora’s spring/summer ’14 collection was ruled by vintage polka dots apart from her signature gingham checks. Here’s why:
“I’m always inspired by things I see around me,” Arora tells Vogue in a post-show interview. “I saw lots of women on the street wearing polka dotted saris; dots in all sorts of vibrant colours and sizes. And they sported them with any kind of blouse; not matching ones.”
“I started off by printing dots using the Rajasthani block print and then moved on to creating dots with different techniques. I wanted to see how these craftspeople interpret the dot in their own way. The dot as a shape is so perfect. It was interesting for me to watch them try to achieve perfection.”

Slim Girl in Saree and Cute Shoes

Slim Girl in Saree and Cute Shoes    vintage sarees saree history

This elegantly slim model in a clingy saree is posed as if about to begin a turn right there in one of  Deen Dayal’s studios. Dayal, by the way, was a high-end artistic photographer to the maharajahs. I love the dancer’s little heeled oxfords, like super-cute jazz shoes! It is unusual to see Western street shoes on an Indian girl wearing traditional clothes and jewellery. The plain-woven saree fabric is very sheer, and I suspect it’s a fine cotton in a flattering colour. And this particular model is incredibly pretty, with a face to rival most starlets today. One can’t help but wonder who she was and who she might have known back around the 1890s.

Wordless Wednesday Vintage Postcard

Wordless Wednesday Vintage Postcard    wordless wed vintage sarees saree history

Pretty… Oops, no words!

Subtle Colours on an Early Post Card

Subtle Colours on an Early Post Card    vintage sarees saree history saree blouse miscelleneous

I’d love to think the date and place listed below the title were instructions for a secret rendezvous of some kind!  Or maybe just a notation of where and when the sender mailed the card to a friend?  But no, this post card was never addressed and sent anywhere!  As a great fan of period mystery fiction, I can’t help but imagine other scenarios for having noted “Ahmedabad, India” and the date.  In case you were wondering, the 2nd was a Tuesday that year.

The tinting is very subtle (if not so carefully done), on this quite early postal photograph – a variation of the usual studio pose of an attractive girl gesturing in an evocative way, and in this case pretending to feed a bit of seed or cracker to the canary. Her saree is simple and probably was just white with golden borders.  The striped choli has girlishly short puffed sleeves, and clues to the construction and shaping of the front may be seen in the converging lines at the side of the bust. The model’s only jewellery seems to be a stacked bracelet and one ring. The side view reveals the elegant drape of the pallu, her slim form a nod to classical Greek works from antiquity.

Check Mate

Check Mate    saree pics fav sarees

picture from The Times of India

Checks certainly seem to be ‘in’ this season. I particularly love this bold, chess board style, checked saree as modeled by, actress, Nusrat Jahan. I really like the glasses too, by the way.

Check Mate    saree pics fav sarees