A Retro Postcard Actress?

A Retro Postcard Actress?    vintage sarees saree history saree blouse
This Sunday’s tinted postcard shows a “maybe” Indian actress, circa 1940.  An ebay listing from Mumbai said the woman was an actress, but there was no other information.  Her choli is a cute Western style top, perhaps with a navy stripe to suit the broad hint of middy blouse.  It brings an undeniable air of modern chic to a plain, sheer saree in a shade of gold the colour of rare orchids.      A leafy late-deco print on the seat and the lady’s red lipstick are other delightful period touches.   Please post your thoughts if you have an idea who our model from 75 years ago might be!

Vintage Sunday Jewellery Show

Vintage Sunday Jewellery Show     vintage sarees sari accessories saree history

This captivating, late-19th century lady wore wonderful jewellery for her portrait:  at least seven bracelets, six rings, four necklaces, three nose pieces and best of all, the magnificent ear ornaments.  Then there’s her white cotton saree, featuring an unusual broad band on the pallu that’s crinkled or woven in such a way as to look more textural.  Such style!!

No Sabysachi and no Aishwarya in a while? Lets fix it both

No Sabysachi and no Aishwarya in a while? Lets fix it both    designer saree bollywood saree

Its been a while since I posted Sabyasachi – and tell you the truth, I was a bit tired of what I saw from him. This is the problem of setting high standards.

And I haven’t posted a picture of Aishwarya either. 

So here is a combo of Aishwarya wearing Sabyasachi. 

Classic Sabyasachi saree – red and black, beautiful color combo, and a larger border that takes you back in time and a texture that beacons you to come close and feel. 

Kajol in Manish Malhotra – Hate it.

Kajol in Manish Malhotra   Hate it.    saree blouse design designer saree

Nice to see Kajol and Karishma after such a long time…

Kajol looks good in this picture, fresh and sweet in her pixie haircut.

But the saree, I am not too sure of. Blouse we have seen before. Net top, full sleeves, almost like a glove design of the blouse is very endearing to me. But the saree.. gray with mix of colors with a black border and neon accents is giving me a headache.

Want to see more pics? check out Bollyone

Needa Mahmood’s Basanti’s Foxtrot sari

Needa Mahmoods Basantis Foxtrot sari    neo sarees designer saree

You know that I adore Nida Mahmood; she is innovative and creative and I just looooove her whimsy.. She is referred to as Queen of Kitsch, but I don’t think that does justice to her.

Yes, I also follow her on Instagram and on facebook, I have even gotten to like her cat !!

Her sarees are very often modeled with jeans and that adds interesting twist to them. Here is another example


GAP”s new ads : Dress like nobody is watching

David Fincher’s new quirky ads for GAP.

The tag line was interesting:

“Dress like nobody is watching – Dress normal”

Is that an antifashion statement?

I don’t think so. A lot of the times you don’t dress a certain way because other people are watching, you dress it that way because how it makes YOU feel.

There is another ad that I liked in the same series : “GAP – uniform of rebellion and conformity”

Now that is a beautiful statement.

I think it applies well to a saree as well – it is a uniform of rebellion and conformity!!

GAPs new ads : Dress like nobody is watching    saree quotes miscelleneous