Saree or not a saree?

Saree or not  a saree?    wearing saree

Sameera Reddy in a saree that is beautiful because it is incomplete.
I love the drape, it is kind of inviting!

Love birds in India

Love birds in India    miscelleneous

Lovely image. Love is blind, but others can see – so to keep away their stares, you need umbrellas.

Amala Paul – traditional saree colors with a twist

Amala Paul   traditional saree colors with a twist    bollywood saree

Amala Paul in a saree: Take a traditional south Indian white and gold saree and add Victorian puffy blouse to it? Sure why not!

Subtle Seduction by an Early Hindi Film Star

Subtle Seduction by an Early Hindi Film Star    vintage sarees saree history

Posed on a carpeted floor like a nautch girl from the previous century, Patience Cooper was acting in films from 1920 (the silent era when she was only 15 years old), through 1946.  She was among the first to do the popular double roles, playing sisters or a mother and daughter.  Patience was Eurasian, as they said back then, or Anglo-Indian, meaning not a Britisher born in India, but someone of English and Indian parentage.  Now we just watch cute actresses like Katrina Kaif and don’t think about it so much. Cooper was most active in the early 1930s, when this evocative and even slightly mysterious publicity picture was likely made. 

The visual composition uses the star’s fair skin against charcoal and grey, almost everything geometric - arms ar right angles, zig-zag lines on the rug, with only the curves of her lips and cheek, and her left hip in a shallow arc breaking away from the horizontal line bisecting wall and ground. Patience’s simple dark saree could be black, or another shade that photographs with minimal visible detail.  A diamond-shaped dotted pattern at the borders is intriguing, as it isn’t clear if the decoration is resist print or woven in zari or thread, embroidered or added some other way.  What shows of her blouse is cute and trendy, sleeveless with the neck trim to match the saree.  It may even be a halter style, which is possible during this time period as backless evening dresses were fashionable among Hollywood movie stars and many others.

I love Shwetha Menon : Saree Seductress

I love Shwetha Menon (swetha menon for s/sh challanged folks).

She has a face that exeduces sexiness.

I love Shwetha Menon : Saree Seductress    designer saree bollywood saree

I love Shwetha Menon : Saree Seductress    designer saree bollywood saree

Simple black saree paired with red blouse and accessorized with red and black bangles.

Proof that you don’t need to buy Tarun Tahiliani saree to look sexy.

Taun Tahiliani Purple

Taun Tahiliani Purple    designer saree

Aubergine and green two-tone silk sari; Mirror work and gold tear drop shape zari embroidery border; Beige and purple brocade padded blouse with multi color thread embroidery and mirror work

I like Aubergine color, I really do. It is purple but not as bright, it is alluring but not open.

This is a gorgeous saree for sure; I would associate this one to the Tarun Tahiliani’s work. It is unique, it is beautiful, it is different and it is eye catching. It also has timeless quality to it. There is no specific time period for this saree and that is a good thing.

I am not so thrilled with the puff blouse. I think it makes the saree look old fashioned, which it is not. And I like the zari work but not the resham work. Border is beautiful and silver jewelry perfect. I wouldn’t even mind pairing it with an understated choker.

Taun Tahiliani Purple    designer saree