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Every pleat of your saree


Every pleat of your Saree hides a special memory. -Sunny. @sareedreams

Do you feel the sari will ever become an international drape?

Answer from Sabyasachi:

It can’t be. You need a lot of patience to wear a sari. It is in our DNA here in India. In the West, women wouldn’t understand how to wear and move in a sari.

Do you agree?

With readymade sarees and lahenga, I am not sure the patiece part is correct.

Do you feel the sari will ever become an international drape?    saree quotes miscelleneous

The classic rain scene…..with hate

The classic rain scene.....with hate    saree quotes

The often repeated and very much loved scenario of two lovers in rain. The female protagonist usually in a colourful and rain-soaked saree in arms of her man. Extra points here with the backdrop of the car and flower shop. But this is the 21st century and Big B no longer romances Smita Patil on-screen.


This is from a movie called “Hate Story”. I have seen it and more appropriate title would be “Revenge Story”. If you haven’t seen it, i wouldn’t ruin the plot points for you. But just to give you heads up, she is the protagonist and he is the antagonist.

The real sexism

One of the readers had commented that item numbers are viewed by some as an example of sexism. I have few things to say if that is the case.


In a number of hindi movies of 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, if a movie has two bahu (daughter-in-law) characters, protagonist bahu always wears faint-coloured sarees, quitely suffers abuse and never challenges doubletalk of the other scheming bahu, comes from a poor or a very benign family….all because she is the “good” bahu. Other bahu (usually the vamp character) wears either western clothes or modern sarees, comes from a rich family, lies frequently etc.


This stereotyping of women, linking dressing sense to behaviour, expectation that a woman is good only when she keeps quite even while suffering physical/mental abuse just for the sake of keeping the family together is, according to me, the real gender bias.


Things haven’t changed much, because our attitude hasn’t changed. Us women are not cows available for slaughter. There is a ongoing TV serial Saubhagyavati Bhava in which the lead female character is brutally tormented by her husband, but never goes to police or even inform her parents about it. She always wears sarees and is very mild-mannered. The character looks more stupid than tolerant.


The real sexism    saree quotes

So am I saying that item numbers display feminism? No. What I think is that they have nothing to do with either feminism or sexism. They are just entertainment. Because you don’t stereotype anyone or expect someone to behave in a certain way based on an item number. What do you think? Which one of these pictures do you have a problem with?


The real sexism    saree quotes

Vidya Balan Saree Quote

Vidya Balan Saree Quote    saree quotes

I think saree covers the right amount, and exposes the right amount – it is such a tease and I like teasing…


Saree Quotes: Sabyasachi’s sarees..

Saree Quotes: Sabyasachis sarees..    saree quotes

Sabyasachi’s sarees remind me of Tagore’s poems and Satyajit Ray’s films. – Pia Ganguly.

Pia is a saree-lover and a poet and describes Sabyasachi’s sarees by invoking a panoply of experiences.

I agree with her – some of the Sabyasachi’s sarees tell a story in itself, and his designs have certain depth and transcend beyond what a wearable fabric can do.

You can see some of the Sabyasachi’s sarees that we have showcased on SareeDreams.

Here is Pia at the Catwalk party at Avalon. Her website is at Please check out her saree collections.

Saree Quotes: Sabyasachis sarees..    saree quotes

We at sareedreams wish her continued success.

Saree Quotes: Sabyasachis sarees..    saree quotes