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Saree Politics – Collector Gari Bharya

Saree Politics   Collector Gari Bharya    saree politcs bollywood saree

Love this image – just the rainbow of colors, the conviction of the women overlaid on the saree politics. Click for a better view.

Another saree that I liked from the same movie is

Saree Politics   Collector Gari Bharya    saree politcs bollywood saree

Green, orange, white.. a perfect Indian Politics saree!

What is that little girl eating? Idli? Yum… I really should stop posting when I am hungry!

Sunanda Pushkar : IPL and Saree

Sunanda Pushkar : IPL and Saree    saree politcs

I personally know Sashi Tharoor. I have followed his writing and I have admired his sense of humor and I respect him for being a straight shooter and behaving with highest standard of integrity.

So all this controversy about his involvement in IPL-Kochi and his relationship with Sunanda Pushkar seems kind of odd to me.

If you don’t know, this is the controversy. There is a cricket league in India called IPL. It has several teams in it and each team is worth about $500M to $1B – yes the number is correct, and it is in dollars and nor rupees.

Recently the IPL added a couple of new teams and one of them was a team for Kochi (a second tier town in south India)- the area that Sashi Tharoor represents.

Sashi Tharoor helped in whatever way he could to ensure that Kochi gets a team. It is an economic boom to the region to have a team.

Now the opposition is claiming that he should be fired or should resign, because even though he personally did not take any money to helping Kochi, his close friend Sunanda Pushkar got some equity in the company. Sunanda Pushkar is an accomplished business woman and she did help Kochi put the deal together and yes she is a close friend of Sashi Tharoor. The claim is that she was a “proxy” for Sashi Tharoor.

Sunanda Pushkar hates that claim – she says that she has done a lot to help the team and she is nobody’s proxy. And her closeness to Sashi Tharoor is a private matter.

There are rumors about Sashi and Sundana getting married.

It is being speculated that Shashi Tharoor might be tying the knot, a third time, with Sunanda Pushkar, the owner of a spa. The two have often been spotted together in a manner which suggests more than just social or professional alliances. The two were once seen in a marriage party, with the minister draping an arm about the beautician. In fact, Sunanda Pushkar has often been heard to introduce Shashi Tharoor to certain acquaintances as her fiance. However, the matter has not been commented upon by either camp. In fact, Shashi Tharoor has declined to say anything about the issue at all.

So I see how the contoversy can arise.

But I fully support her because I see this as a saree discrimination – just because somebody wears a saree, that person becomes subservient or something. We got to get over that prejudice.

And of course the second reason I support her is because she has good taste in (men and) sarees.


Fatima Bhutto on her book tour

Fatima Bhutto on her book tour    saree politcs

The grand daughter of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, the niece of Benazir Bhutto, the daughter of Murtuza Bhutto speaks in the Songs of Blood and Sword a Daughter’s Memoir.

The book tells the story of the Bhuttos, a family of rich feudal landlords who became powerbrokers in the newly created state of Pakistan; the epic of four generations of a family and the political violence that would eventually destroy the family.

Nice to see her in a saree!


Saree Power: celebration after the passage of the bill reserving 33% of the seats in legislature

Saree Power: celebration after the passage of the bill reserving 33% of the seats in legislature    saree politcs

The upper house of India’s Parliament passed a bill Tuesday that would amend the Constitution to reserve one-third of the seats in India’s national and state legislatures for women.

The feminist in me approves of this bill and the constitutional amendment. I am actually saddened that one needs a constitutional amendment for this. There are 51% women, if all was well, there would be 51% lawmakers in Delhi and all other state capitols – 33% is very reasonable.

Rajneeti Poster with Katrina as Indira – Saree Politics and Beyond

Rajneeti Poster with Katrina as Indira   Saree Politics and Beyond    saree politcs bollywood saree

I greatly admired Indira Gandhi. Not that I am condoning the practice, but many people I know, to this day, long for the general civil environment that “Emergency” created. There was fear, but there was also a sense of fair dealing.

The petty corruption at all level was practically wiped out – and I can see how one can romanticize that.

Anyway, I am really looking forward to the images from Rajneeti (god knows I have no patience to watch a hindi movie, unless I have a remote in my hand).


Party Crashers

A saree will get you in anywhere it seems. A recent state dinner at the White House in honor of PM Monmohan Singh and his wife received a pair of unexpected guests. Washington D.C. socialites Tareq and Michaele Salahi thought it would be fun to try and sneak into the state dinner and it worked. Though they had no invitation and weren’t on any guest lists, they managed to make their way through security. Maybe it her chic lahenga saree and his snazzy tux that made security think they were guests? They weren’t even discovered as party crashers until they bragged about getting in to the party online.

Party Crashers    saree politcs miscelleneous

Party Crashers    saree politcs miscelleneous