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Check Mate

Check Mate    saree pics fav sarees

picture from The Times of India

Checks certainly seem to be ‘in’ this season. I particularly love this bold, chess board style, checked saree as modeled by, actress, Nusrat Jahan. I really like the glasses too, by the way.

Ileana D’Cruz in Satya Paul

Ileana DCruz in Satya Paul    sexy saree saree pics saree blouse design saree blouse navelicious fav sarees designer saree

picture from

Ileana D’Cruz is, apparently, one of those Indian actresses who doesn’t often wear sarees, so it was a surprise, for some, when she modelled this saree at a recent Satya Paul show in Dubai. This is a spectacular outfit but, I think, that has more to do with the blouse and the drape than the saree itself.



Retro Saree from a Slide this Sunday

Retro Saree from a Slide this Sunday    vintage sarees traditional sarees saree pics

This appealing woman seems so happy to be captured for posterity on a slide from 1965.  I liked her expression, the beautiful instrument and the block-printed bedspread.  But the real reason I picked this transparency image was the colour of her saree!  The delicately patterned white borders set off the luscious shade of what used to be called desert rose.  It is incredibly wonderful – a flattering shade that glows with life but isn’t cutesy or overbearing – also repeated on the matching but un-spotted choli fabric.  What a classic look from 49 years ago!


Drying saris near the Ganges river

As the deadline nears for the 2014 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest, more and more outstanding entries are being submitted every day. Photographers from around the globe are sharing their most remarkable travel moments and adventurous spirit as seen through the eye of their camera lenses.

Drying saris near the Ganges river    saree pics

Drying saris near the Ganges river
Location: Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India, Asia
A group of women dry their saris in the sun after they have been washed in the Ganges river.
Photo and caption by Nacho Calonge / National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest

Via My Modern MET


Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Breakfast at Tiffanys    miscelleneous firangi friday saree

picture from IBNLive

Audrey Hepburn, actress, style icon and tireless ambassador for UNICEF, would have been 85 on the 4th of May. IBN marked the event by showing this picture of Ms Hepburn in a saree, as seen in the 1961 film ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’, where she plays New York socialite, Holly Golightly. In the accompanying article they write, ‘with her hair up, and an almost invisible choli or a blouse, she carried the sari with perfect swag!’ I certainly wouldn’t disagree with that but do you notice that the fabric seems a little unusual for a saree, kind of fuzzy, almost like a… towel!? When I was trying to find out more about the film for this post, I stumbled across a web page headed 25 Things You May Not Know About ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ and there at thing number eight it says that, ‘it’s never explained why, at the party, Hepburn is wearing a gown made from a towel’ but adds that, ‘a scene that was cut from the final release has her taking a bath when the party breaks out, and she’s forced to improvise a gown.’ I suppose it’s just a little bit of Hollywood magic that Holly Golightly can wrap a bath towel around herself and in the next scene the towel has grown into a perfectly draped saree.

Incidentally, ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ was directed by Blake Edwards who also directed ‘The Pink Panther’, which featured in another post here back in 2012. A secret saree fan, maybe?

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez    sexy saree firangi friday saree

picture from EntertainmentWise

This sensual saree pic of, US actress and singer, Selena Gomez recently appeared on her Instagram feed with the cryptic caption, ‘Sari, not sari’. The comment is thought to be aimed at her former boyfriend Justin Bieber. They split up a few weeks ago. Ms Gomez is currently on a trip to Nepal for UNICEF.


Selena Gomez    sexy saree firangi friday saree