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Wordless Wednesday – Sonam Kapoor

Wordless Wednesday   Sonam Kapoor    wordless wed saree blouse design bollywood saree


Deepika loves Dev R Nil saris…

Deepika loves Dev R Nil saris...    saree blouse design designer saree bollywood saree

Deepika Padukone At NDTV’s Indian Of The Year Awards 2014. Deepika picked a Dev R Nil sari for the Awards held last night.

I like Dev R Nil’s sarees and the blouse designs. You can sort of see a pattern there. Highly contrasting blouse that picks up a tad from the border of the saree.


Jacqueline Fernandez in Seema Gujral’s Gold Saree

Jacqueline Fernandez in Seema Gujrals Gold Saree    saree blouse design fav sarees designer saree bollywood saree

Jacqueline Fernandez covers Hi! Blitz for the month of April 2014. She dons a gold strapless blouse and white sari with embellished gold border by Seema Gujral.

Manish Malhotra’s Saree Lahenga at Femina Ms. India pageant

Manish Malhotras Saree Lahenga at Femina Ms. India pageant    saree blouse design lahenga saree designer saree bollywood saree

This is Manish Malhotra’s Lahenga- Saree for Jacquie Fernadez. 

It has some nice touches; in fact the design is purposefully structured to evoke the Shrilankan saree drape, but alas, I have strong dislike for this.

The earrings look right with the lahenga and that is the most flattering thing I can say about this.

The blouse is too plain, and the pallu looks so out of place. 

Should I really believe that his is Manish Malhotra’s? 

A New Old Postcard of Gauhar Jaan

A New Old Postcard of Gauhar Jaan    vintage sarees saree history saree blouse design miscelleneous

Some of my first posts on Saree Dreams featured the enigmatic performer Gauhar Jaan.  Here she sits in a studio shot, demurely draped in a minimalist white saree with the pallu over her hair in back, and tucked across the front to the waist.  She looks rather like a Parsi lady – at least quite different from some of her more usual flashy stage costumes!  The blouse appears to be of embroidered velvet, the jewelry simple.  She was a complex woman; a singer with a mysterious background and life, very famous at the turn of the 20th century.  When I find a new image of her I feel as though I have discovered something about an old friend.

2014 Blouse Designs for sari

This is the question that I get asked most often.

What are the trendy saree blouse designs these days?!

Here is the first one and expect to see a lot of these next year.  - an off shoulder blouse

It was shown earlier this year in Tarun Tahiliani’s show and it looked stunning.

2014 Blouse Designs for sari    saree blouse design


I really should upload my fav 100 blouse designs to share with you.

I was at a fund raising gala yesterday, and I wouldn’t say that the crowd was trendy. Two sarees stood out among 100 or so that I saw. One of them was this black saree and that was notable not because of the saree but because the grace and confidence that the woman wore it with and the other one was exceptional because of the lovely blouse design.

I am thinking of getting google glasses, so I can take pictures of some notable designs that I see… naaa, I wouldn’t do that. I respect people’s privacy too much. I wouldn’t take their picture without their permission, But it would be cool to capture those fleeting moments of seeing perfect designs donned well, don’t you think?

2014 Blouse Designs for sari    saree blouse design