Anupama’s Style

Anupamas Style    wordless wed designers designer saree

picture from the Hindustan Times

This could easily have been a ‘Wordless Wednesday’ post but I think a little context is worthwhile here. The woman in the picture is, fashion designer, Anupama Dayal and, yes, she is wearing one of her own creations. Love the smile, love the pose and, certainly, love the saree!

(You can see the article this picture is from by clicking on the picture.)

The sheer magic of Manish Malhotra

The sheer magic of Manish Malhotra    designers designer saree
Esha Gupta in Manish Malhotra’s black net embroidered saree … we all are familiar with this famous masterpiece from Malhotra’s WIFW Fall/Winter 2013 ramp, where the designer layered the sheer black net over a red metallic underskirt. I came across this piece again today and I’m still completely captivated by its beauty.

Kelly Gale rocks Neeta Lulla’s Saree

Kelly Gale in Neeta Lulla’s saree for Vogue India editorial titled, “Dangerous Liaisons” inside the October 2013 issue.


So Now and So 1940s Retro!

So Now and So 1940s Retro!    vintage sarees saree history saree ads designers

This has such a wonderful 1940s sense of style, like a noir heroine in a classic film!  And it is better in black-and-white than colour.  I found the photograph just last week on the Exclusively. In fashion site, with Payal Singhal sarees being featured that day.  Truly, all it lacks are the more extreme shoulder pads favoured in the ’40s, with every other element being perfect to do a little time travelling.  Love it, love it, love it!

Quintessentially Mohanjeet Grewal

Quintessentially Mohanjeet Grewal    vintage sarees saree history designers
Mohanjeet Grewal is an Indian born political journalist, successful fashion designer and entrepreneur. More than half a century ago, she enchanted Parisians with her rebellious and exotic French-Indian haute couture collection, styling celebrities from famous actors to Miss World.

What??? no posting for a WHOLE month? Hey look, Masaba – Satyapaul is coming…

So what happened? Why no posting? My muse took me on whirlwind of a tour. Lot of the days I was on cloud nine, and there were some days where I was in the midst of the storm surrounded by dark clouds. Some days I zoomed like a superman, other days I was falling down like a an avenger without any powers, some days I was grinning from ear to ear, other days I had no energy to smile… Oh but the fun that I am having.. What a ride! The closest I have been to this is when I went white water rafting.. one moment water is calm, and river looks inviting and the next moment the vortex wants to capsize you…

So did you miss me?! Just a little bit?! May be not six yard’s worth, but may be a a couple of threads of the saree?

Thank you for kind words and email I got about the blog; it is greatly appreciated.


Sorry about not posting, but let me distract you with something shiny:

So… back to sarees – Masaba’s Satya Paul collection is coming in two days.. are you excited?

As you know, I was against this take over of Satya Paul brand by Masaba. Some good reasons and some selfish reasons.

Let me give you the selfish reason first. I love Satya Paul style and I admire Masaba’s fresh look. They both filled a special spot in my mind. Now we are combining them, that means one less amazing collection to admire. I know, a pretty selfish reason.

So this launch is very personal to me. I will be watching as to what she does and what she doesn’t do. I have already seen one piece of it on Sonam Kapoor and I would be lying if I said that I liked it. Yes, it was a head turner, but I don’t want head turner, I want class and beauty and exquisite and distinctive beauty, not a shock piece.

So lets see!


What???  no posting for a WHOLE month? Hey look, Masaba   Satyapaul is coming...    designers designer saree

What???  no posting for a WHOLE month? Hey look, Masaba   Satyapaul is coming...    designers designer saree