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20th July Blown away by The Indian Fashion Tour of Glitz

20th July Blown away by The Indian Fashion Tour of Glitz    designer saree bollywood saree

If you are anywhere in the west of Mississippi, you got to attend this event by Rohin.

Hold your Breath, Embrace your Style and be ready to be blown away by The Indian Fashion Tour of Glitz, Opulence and Luxury in Los Angeles hosted by Fashion By Rohini 

on Sunday the 20th of July 

at the Sheraton Hotel in Cerritos CA 

from 11 to 7 pm .. 

One Day Only .. Meet and Greet the designers with their fabulous Collection just off the Runway !!!

Joy Mitra ; 

Rajdeep Ranawat ; 

Satya Paul 


Siddartha Tytler

Samant Chauhan

Ankita Chaudhry 

Jaya Misra

Jenjum Gadi &

suneet verma

Thanks to Rohini For bringing so much fashion into our lives.

Check out and like her page Fashion by Rohini and of course come visit the chow on 20th. 

Welcome back, Aish

Welcome back, Aish    designer saree bollywood saree

picture from ApunKaChoice

I’m delighted to post a picture in this blog of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan looking stunning in a saree, it’s been a while. This image was taken as part of a publicity campaign for LifeCell International, a stem cell banking organisation, for whom she is brand ambassador. I love the green and peach colour combination and the overall pale palette here.

Stylish Tie Dye Saree to die for

Stylish Tie Dye Saree to die for    designer saree

This is an Urvashi Kaur saree and I really really like it. 

The blouse seems to be classic top that a woman in gujarat would wear. And it goes well with the saree. 

I am also happy that the colors are not as eye-popping as one is used to seeing in a typical tie-dye work. 

This is sold out at 

Has anybody here had good experience with Two people that I know tired getting something from them and it never worked. One tunic was ordered in March and has still not arrived yet. 

Oh well… 

Deepika loves Dev R Nil saris…

Deepika loves Dev R Nil saris...    saree blouse design designer saree bollywood saree

Deepika Padukone At NDTV’s Indian Of The Year Awards 2014. Deepika picked a Dev R Nil sari for the Awards held last night.

I like Dev R Nil’s sarees and the blouse designs. You can sort of see a pattern there. Highly contrasting blouse that picks up a tad from the border of the saree.


What kind of saree should a Dr. Who fan wear? Satya Paul’s Tardis saree

What kind of saree should a Dr. Who fan wear? Satya Pauls Tardis saree    saree humor designer saree


So if you are a Dr. Who fan, how do you show it? You wear the phone booth, I mean, the Tardis saree!!!

OK, it is an interesting saree – shows Masaba influence. An interesting look for sure.

How many Dr. Who fans in the audience here? I used to watch it a while ago (Dr Number 4 – because you never forget your first doctor) and then lost touch. Last year, I watched the move and a part of the show, and loved it all over again.

Loving Nita Lulla’s

Loving Nita Lullas    designer saree

Love this ivory and black combo. The pleates are crochet and they look distinctive, but I think the pairing with the red checked blouse makes it stand out.

About $1000 from IndinRoots

Loving Nita Lullas    designer saree