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Rohit Bal Saree at Qutub Minar – Wills Lifestyle Grand Finale

Rohit Bal Saree at Qutub Minar   Wills Lifestyle Grand Finale    designer saree

Rohit Bal’s Collection showcased at The Grand Finale of Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015.

Wished I could see the blouse…

But may be it is not meant to be seen.

Loving it otherwise.

Ileana D’Cruz in Satya Paul

Ileana DCruz in Satya Paul    sexy saree saree pics saree blouse design saree blouse navelicious fav sarees designer saree

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Ileana D’Cruz is, apparently, one of those Indian actresses who doesn’t often wear sarees, so it was a surprise, for some, when she modelled this saree at a recent Satya Paul show in Dubai. This is a spectacular outfit but, I think, that has more to do with the blouse and the drape than the saree itself.



No Sabysachi and no Aishwarya in a while? Lets fix it both

No Sabysachi and no Aishwarya in a while? Lets fix it both    designer saree bollywood saree

Its been a while since I posted Sabyasachi – and tell you the truth, I was a bit tired of what I saw from him. This is the problem of setting high standards.

And I haven’t posted a picture of Aishwarya either. 

So here is a combo of Aishwarya wearing Sabyasachi. 

Classic Sabyasachi saree – red and black, beautiful color combo, and a larger border that takes you back in time and a texture that beacons you to come close and feel. 


Kajol in Manish Malhotra – Hate it.

Kajol in Manish Malhotra   Hate it.    saree blouse design designer saree

Nice to see Kajol and Karishma after such a long time…

Kajol looks good in this picture, fresh and sweet in her pixie haircut.

But the saree, I am not too sure of. Blouse we have seen before. Net top, full sleeves, almost like a glove design of the blouse is very endearing to me. But the saree.. gray with mix of colors with a black border and neon accents is giving me a headache.

Want to see more pics? check out Bollyone


Needa Mahmood’s Basanti’s Foxtrot sari

Needa Mahmoods Basantis Foxtrot sari    neo sarees designer saree

You know that I adore Nida Mahmood; she is innovative and creative and I just looooove her whimsy.. She is referred to as Queen of Kitsch, but I don’t think that does justice to her.

Yes, I also follow her on Instagram and on facebook, I have even gotten to like her cat !!

Her sarees are very often modeled with jeans and that adds interesting twist to them. Here is another example


Denim Dreams

Denim Dreams    fav sarees designer saree

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Here’s something that appeals to my liking for casual sarees. You can’t get much more casual than tie-dyed denim. These designs are by Anubha Jain, from Delhi, who has turned, what started out as, a college project into a lucrative business. However, things didn’t go quite as she expected. Anubha was aiming her sarees at young women like herself but, as she explained to iDiva, "My denim sarees were a big hit with the older ladies. I was quite surprised because my target audience was totally different. I guess young girls only buy sarees for either special occasions or when they are getting married." Probably true, I’m afraid, but with so many young Indian designers producing sarees now, I hope that situation will start to change.

Denim Dreams    fav sarees designer saree