The Jewel in the Crown was Lady Chatterjee






After getting through two seasons of “Indian Summers,” I wanted to finally watch the highly acclaimed classic series from 1984, “The Jewel in the Crown.”  Everyone says it is the best fictional look at the troubles between Great Britain and India during WWII and on to early Independence.  Gloriously filmed at real locations in India (not Malaysia!) the studio work was completed back in Manchester, England.  The 14-part program easily held my interest through two or three episodes at a sitting.

The most captivating and beautifully dressed character was one of the older Indian ladies, Lili Chatterjee, played by Zohra Segal.  The actress was born in 1912, filmed “The Jewel” at the age of 70, and lived until 2014 when she was 102 years old.  Though she was only in the first few hours of the story, I found her both elegant and witty, and missed her wonderfully spirited presence when the tale moved on to the end of WWII with a new set of female characters.

The images above are merely screen shots from the remastered edition DVDs, so I am sorry for the low quality, but I wanted to give you an impression of the luscious sarees and blouses that Zohra wore in the series.  That last sari had fabulous silver embroidery worked onto the stripes, while the others were memorable for the rich shades of green and purple.


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