Rekha on Yash Chopra- He taught me how to love!

This red saree image from Silsila is so iconic! She sure looked like a saree seductress.

I wished one of them, Rakhi or Amithabh would write a book about their love story! But my feeling is that they both love each other to this date and writing something would be a betrayal of that love.

We will hear about the love story between Rekha and Amitabh soon, I am sure.

Rekha was given Yash Chopra Memorial award, ward and she talked about Yashji and his influence. Pretty touching.

“He Taught Me How To Love” – Rekha

Of course, like always, miss malini spins the title of the blog post around, making it sound like Rekha was talking about Amitabh.. Hate her site because of that and never click on any links. I might meet her sometime soon when she is in Los Angeles and I’ll tell her that.


Rekha said:

I’d like to definitely state that he taught me how to love. Not just by watching his films (did) I understand ‘Oh, this is love’, not just by speaking or watching that there is beauty and a very tender emotion, but a feeling that is invisible which every person definitely feels it

I am posting it here because the kinds of sarees that Jaya and Rekha wear in this picture says so much about them and that is remarkable.

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