Lillete Looking Superb on a Sunday

Actress Lillete Dubey was one of the best things about the “Indian Summers” television series. She always looked beautiful, well-dressed and elegant, even when the Parsi mother she played was having serious family issues.  Most of the cast had character portraits made by the staff still photographer, Matt Brandon, a practiced hand with a camera. Set in 1932 Simla, the costume drama was an uneven soap opera dealing with a variety of personal and political themes – too many, actually.

Nearly all of the Indian women in speaking parts wore quite attractive sarees, and I loved all the cholis with puffed sleeves, a period touch we see in original images from the 1930s. Ms Dubey’s sari is a nice mix of subtle cocoa brown on beige, with a fresh turquoise and bright yellow. The design elements in the print are classic, and as correct for most of the 20th century as they are for today.  I’m looking forward to the second season of “Indian Summers” to see how their costumers handle the later styles, going into the 1940s, I believe.



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