Usha Uthup: Skyfall in a sari

Love this show!

One of the best concert I have EVER attended, and I have attended a few, has been the concert that Usha Uthup gave in San Jose a few years ago.

I had exceptionally good seats in a cozy little theater, Usha was  standing right there, just a few feet from me and singing, what seemed like directly to me!

And I have admired her music for so long… it was heavenly. I wanted to shout and tell her how much I loved her and loved her music and her persona and how beautiful she was from her bindi to her toe ring.

Here she sings with love, humor and refers to her saree a few times in between.

A truly talented person  and I feel privileged to have given exposure to her art and her music and her divinity.  I love you Usha, thank you for bringing so much joy in my life.

Here is her 2015 performance with her gorgeous saree and a guitar.


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