Masaba wedding gown – at least she is honest

Oh how much I hate this gown. And not because she disliked it herself either…

In my book, Masaba has a lots of hits and misses – remember the cow prints? I so hated those sarees…

And now, for her own wedding gown, she gives us…masaba_wedding

On Instagram she commented on the embellished booblets… I couldn’t have coined a better word.

It is the same reason I hate some of the anarkalis – the booblets.

The issue is not just the booblets, but the whole thing – the blouse, the top, the lahenga¬†– looks like some poor “masterji” who is not paid enough and is about to retire made this for a customer that he hates.

Any way, I am really happy about one thing, she did not make her bridesmaid wear something so atrocious.


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