Kajol – gorgeous composition with saree

I don’t have the patience to watch hindi movies, but I do take the time to watch hindi¬†movie songs as “music videos” and I just marvel at the beauty of those videos. Each shot is superlatively composed, each frame is carefully constructed and color coordination is beyond belief.

One of my fav is the Dil Se’s song called Satrangi. Check it out, wonderful song, beautifully choreographed and cinematography is top notch.

This shot, Kajol in an orange saree is no exception.

What an eye catching composition. Also seeing Shahrukh and Kajol together in a new movie would be awesome.

What a dramatic scene this is – black igneous rocks, with ice blocks and Kajol wearing an orange saree personifying the fire that is engulfing SRK, who is wearing blue to connote water. Anyway, I made up all that subtext, but it could be right – that’s what I see in this picture.



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