Pant style Saree Drape

Pant style saree drape in Fashion 2015

I have written about this drape many times and have always admired it. I especially enjoyed the saree drapes that that Nida Mahmood’s collection showed.

Here is how to put it together.

This is especially useful when you are attending an event that is outdoors and it is kind of chilli out there. Just went to an event yesterday in Southern California, where the chief minister of Maharastra Devendra Fadnavis was the honored guest. Great event and he spoke very energetically, but it was really cold out. He joked that if he stayed longer, he would be the first “frozen chief minister”… And I think this drape would have worked well in this situation.

Sari is versatile, and we have to use and promote it as such.

For this and other interesting drapes, please check out this blog post.
A video on how to put this on – try it and if you do, send us some pictures. 🙂

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