Scarlet Mellish Wison – sarees and tattoos

I have been meaning to post Scarlet’s saree pictures for a long time..

But when I saw her saree pictures, with an unusual tattoo mixed together, I felt compelled to post



Click on the image to read the text of her tattoo

She did a an item number called Kamariya in Shanghai.

“I feel I was born in the wrong country,” says British model Scarlett Mellish Wilson, 24, the newest foreigner found swivelling her hips to Foreign Kamariya in Shanghai. She is happier shaking her booty than doing ballet and so made a beeline for Bollywood after studying performing arts at London’s Tiffany Theatre College. She assisted on choreography for the TV show Chak Dhoom Dhoom and next rubs shoulders with Amy Jackson in Telugu film Yevadu with Ram Charan Teja in the lead.

The tattoo says

Dance like nobody’s watching;
love like you’ve never been hurt.
Sing like nobody’s listening;
live like it’s heaven on earth

Supposedly Mark Twain quote.



Ok, one more of the saree picture.


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