‘Bhang’ by Swathy

bhang alta 14

Meet Swathy, the founder and designer of her own fabulous brand – ‘Bhang’, my new found love! At the core of the design, ‘Bhang’ is bold, daring and seductive, and that description fits both the designer and her designs. There’s something about the designers who model their own work. I mean, I look at some of my fav designers – Nivya Babu (NVY Studio), Ritika Mittal (MORA), and now Swathy Jagannathan (Bhang) who just made it to my top three list – they share many similar traits. Besides being amazingly successful online (they all have taken Facebook saree business, quite literally, by storm!), these women are young, bold, beautiful, and has an incredible sense of styling. They masterfully experiment hues, textures,they take traditional textiles & designs and revive them for ordinary folks, both young and old to appreciate today.


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