Subtle Colours on an Early Post Card

I’d love to think the date and place listed below the title were instructions for a secret rendezvous of some kind!  Or maybe just a notation of where and when the sender mailed the card to a friend?  But no, this post card was never addressed and sent anywhere!  As a great fan of period mystery fiction, I can’t help but imagine other scenarios for having noted “Ahmedabad, India” and the date.  In case you were wondering, the 2nd was a Tuesday that year.

The tinting is very subtle (if not so carefully done), on this quite early postal photograph – a variation of the usual studio pose of an attractive girl gesturing in an evocative way, and in this case pretending to feed a bit of seed or cracker to the canary. Her saree is simple and probably was just white with golden borders.  The striped choli has girlishly short puffed sleeves, and clues to the construction and shaping of the front may be seen in the converging lines at the side of the bust. The model’s only jewellery seems to be a stacked bracelet and one ring. The side view reveals the elegant drape of the pallu, her slim form a nod to classical Greek works from antiquity.

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