Logoed Sarees

picture from IBNLive

You may remember, back in August, Sunny showing us a picture of a saree with a pattern based on the Facebook logo. Well that saree may have been inspired by this one. This picture went viral on Facebook in India in March. For those of you unfamiliar with it, the phone in the green speech bubble is the logo for WhatsApp, the most popular messaging service in India. As far as I know, the origin of this picture remains a mystery. Some have suggested that it was a publicity stunt by WhatsApp but they’ve never confirmed that. However, this does seem to have started something of a trend as you can see from Sunny’s Facebook saree and the Apple saree below the fold but what is going on here? Is there a small company in India producing a range of logoed sarees or are fans of these companies getting these sarees made up for themselves somehow?


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