An Autumn Vintage Sunday


I like this postcard view!  Our dancers might be a mother and two daughters, posed to show the fountain setting which, in turn, frames the women.  The trees are wraped in foil, with what looks like grape bunches and vines.  The harvest-time elements are nicely balanced by deep-coloured sarees suitable for what we in the US call fall weather, now that we have passed the autumnal equinox.

The ebay listing said the card was 1930s, but I’d place it several decades earlier.  The massed, quite long center pleats of the sarees are like the wonderful front trains on even earlier sarees from Mysore, worn by the royal ladies with such style!  The smoothly pulled back and bound hair, and tight waist belts add a sense of dignity-with-fashion that I find appealing – and wish I coud emulate.


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