Ardana Haran Couture Sarees

Futuristic Robotica Couture Saree by ARDANA HARAN by Hariharan Arasu. —
Hariharan who recently launched his new line of sarees, is a young Malaysian contemporary fashion designer and the winner of Kronenbourg 1664 L’Aperitif Fashion 2012. I recently stumbled upon his glamourous and contemporary Saree designs and I was so blown away. There are many giant designers hailed from the land of Jimmy Choo, but only a handful of them ever considered saree worth their ‘creative’ time to explore.
Edgy Diva Couture by ARDANA HARAN —
Over the years, even before I joined Sareedreams team, I’ve been faithfully keeping a close watch on Saree trends around the world, but I also kept my eyes gazed for Malaysian saree designs,  and I admit I have been very disappointed in the past. We are so spoiled by all the rich designs flooding our stores from India, that we almost forgot that local fabrics such Songket and Batik are worth exploring for sarees.
Feast your eyes on these gorgeous sarees:
These images are featured in Shadi Magazine, please visit them at
And see more below the fold -The trend is definitely changing in Kuala Lumpur and I am looking forward to seeing more of amazing designs.

Royal Golden Goddess Couture Saree by ARDANA HARAN —

But the trend is definitely changing in Kuala Lumpur. A number of aspiring young designers have taken up the challenge of designing sarees locally. And I’m proud to admit some of their designs are on a par with other contemporary Indian designers.

And my fav – Spring Blossom Couture by ARDANA HARAN. —

Hariharan Arasu is one of them, his designs are making waves in KL.  I hope Malaysian saree lovers will receive and celebrate Haran’s couture  and be proud of ‘made in Malaysia’ Sarees 🙂

Thank you to Shaadi Magazine for the courtesy of letting us showcase these designs.

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