Ruth St. Denis, the ‘dancing’ goddess in saree

Ruth Saint Denis (1879 – 1968) embodied many goddess in her time as a dancer, including Radha, Quan Yin, Ishtar, and Isis, just to name a few. Among many photographs of her posing in sarees, this particularly one stood out because of the saree blouse. All those “beads” sewn on her blouse, could they be pearls?? 

Ruth St. Denis (January 20, 1879 – July 21, 1968) was an American modern dance pioneer, introducing eastern ideas into the art. She was the co-founder of the American Denishawn School of Dance and the teacher of several notable performers. 
The highlight of this vintage photo is the centerpiece brooch on her blouse that matches her necklace. I don’t know if I can say the same for any other outfits out there but perhaps we are looking at a design that have stood the test of time! because even after a century both the saree and the saree blouse above could be seen worn by just about anyone today – be it on the ramp or on the street…oh my saree, my timeless gem.

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