Dhruv Singh’s Binodini

(Source)  Photography- Devansh Jhaveri

This saree is from designer Dhruv Singh’s “Chokher Bali”collection (Festive-Winter’13) … and he made it as a tribute to Binodini. Chokher Bali is a Bengali novel written by Rabindranath Tagore, and he needs no introduction I’m sure. In 2003, Rituparno Ghosh directed a bengali film based on this novel with Aishwarya Rai in lead as Binodini.

Chokher Bali or A Grain of Sand, is a story of love, lust and longing… and a tale of a rebellious widow who wants to explore her sexuality and to live a life of her own (you go girl!) Apparently, it was a book that Tagore later apologized for the ending, good man! of course, why wouldn’t he? right? I don’t believe conservatism was tempting nor he fell for it but it must have been a wild idea in 1902 in a country like Bengal to allow a young widow to run away and have a happy ending with a married man. Instead the revolutionary ending sounds just like what people needed to read at that time, …maybe. Alright no more spoiler alerts…although I have a feeling many of you would have read the book or watched the movie – now get the saree… I love it 🙂
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