Creative points for Raw Mango

There are probably a zillion saree ads out there today, and increasing by the day too. I have to admit, unless it screams ‘creative’, it gets skipped over with a single click without any mercy and you cannot blame me for my Internet ADD syndrome, or my short attention span and whatever else you wanna call it.
Creative advertising –  if you haven’t already, you should give it serious consideration. YOU – all the SME and home-based saree designers,…you guys are my fav. You’re already  up against the big commercial vendors, not to forget, famous couture designers (you know who) … who can easily afford brand consultants, giant ad agencies and/or celeb endorsements. However, creativity does not necessarily involve millions of dollars or million-dollar faces.

Say you took months to design a saree … and you are excited, and you can’t wait to show us (your potential clients of course). How about we start by STOP taking photos with your mobile phone instead of borrowing your neighbour’s DSLR camera! And for heaven’s sake, please do not instagram it with some LOMO effects – especially if you intend to sell it. I do not want to get surprises when the saree arrive at my doorstep – I’m not kidding trust me, it happened to me at least twice. So, among the zillions, this week Raw Mango’s ad with a guy on the bed with varanasi saree laying next to his like his bride, I mean, sure, a lot going on there, but it was enough to stop me to look at it and inspire me to write this post. Of course, if I wasn’t too broke I would have placed an order too – love that chanderi  in lime green (on the colour chart, it’s actually known as Chartreuse yellow … look it up) 🙂

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