I Surrender to Radio Rani

I Surrender to Radio RaniI Surrender to Radio Rani

Risky Rani –  A saree based on old matchbox covers from around the world

Peace Rani – I find peace in love and life. My kind of calmness is not that white.

Temple Rani- You are born to be worshiped, woman! 

Radio Rani Sarees are conceptualized by bombay based designer Sneh Nihalani, who is also a creative radio advertising specialist and possibly the daughter of the famous film director Govind Nihalani. Be it “Monsoon”, “Raja Rani” or even “Maha Rani”, … each one has its own character, story and theme … that’s what I love about Radio Rani’s sarees. Risky Rani and Maha Rani, are my favorites 🙂
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