Couture on Demand

Is it just me, or there has been a huge demand for custom-made sarees today? I don’t entirely believe that women will stop visiting saree stores one day … but looks like, in near future, its days might not be as popular as it is today. I mean how can it be when the world is at your feet 🙂
Surprised at the demand and the lack of custom made sarees, Dakshana Rajaram found her perfect niche and opened an online saree boutique that specializes in custom couture. Dakshana from Thuhil Chennai is currently one of many rising couture designers around the world.

Since inception, her niche boutique, Thuhil Chennai has been receiving a lot of orders from customers around the world who seek unique identity and one-of-a-kind exclusivity for their designs. I’m included… I will definitely blog it once it’s completed.

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