Indian Sari Paper Pack – Ikat

Saree Paper for scrapbooking.

I haven’t fully understood the concept of “scrapbooking” yet. But I know several friends of friends enjoy it. (Not saying that if you are in to scrapbooking, you can’t be my friend!!, just clarifying).

Let’s focus on the saree essence captured in these digital goods being sold. (by the way, when you buy this paper, you don’t really get the paper, you get a jpg that you can print out and write on).

For a color un-initiated person, the vivid colors of the saree are amazingly attractive. When you take a non-Indian person to an Indian wedding or a function, the first thing they notice is the explosion of colors in the fabric.

But I think when one generally refers to a “saree” design for a non saree object, they probably mean the block printed design with a border at the edges that is perpendicular to the edge of the paper. I have seen saree wallpapers and similar paper product, the colors vary a lot, but the the basic structure remains the same. Over the year, that has been the essence of a saree for many non native Indians. $5 for a collection of 16 designs. Check them out.



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