If this saree was a room..

Came across this delightful comprasion of sarees and living spaces.

It is from Designwali 

“If this saree was a room…”

The saree is from Triveni House and the room decor is from Elle 

saree_room comparision

Ooh green & pink. A lovely pink and green saree spotted here works just as well as a colour combination in this room spotted on Elle Decor.

Also check out some other comparisons – I liked the one where she compares Nida Mahboob’s saree with a room, which I found interesting.

Here is the saree in its full glory.

Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at [June 14 ]12.50.40 AM

The saree itself is worth examining a little more. Here it is in its full glory.

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