The Play Clan Saree Collection

picture from Vogue India

The Play Clan is an Indian company which, according to their website, ‘combines fashion, art & design to create collections in home, apparel, gifts & stationery. Inspired by everyday observations & vibrant colors, Play Clan celebrates life & Indian subculture.’ While they may celebrate ‘life & Indian subculture’, they do so in a distinctively contemporary way. So, for example, their apparel consists mainly of casual western style tees and dresses. However, back in October, during the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week in New Delhi, they announced that they will, within the next few months, be introducing a range of sarees! This is tremendously encouraging for saree lovers like me because these sarees, like most of their products, are aimed at young Indian consumers. This is a conscious attempt to try and get younger women wearing sarees. As Himanshu Dogra, founder of Play Clan, said in an article in Vogue India, ‘We’re trying to shift the traditional sari-wearing age from 20 and 30 plus, to start at 18 or 20 instead.’ Another encouraging point is that these sarees are not the glamorous Bollywood style evening sarees that you’d only wear to the occasional party or wedding, they’re everyday sarees that don’t require a special occasion. I look forward to seeing the complete collection when it appears on the Play Clan website. The prints certainly look interesting (you can see more examples below the fold) but I do wish that they were being shown off using slightly more traditional drapes.

pictures from Vogue India

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