Masaba Gupta

Sunny’s piece, ‘Masaba taking over Satya Paul – I think it is a mistake‘, prompted me to try and find out a little bit more about this up and coming star of the Indian fashion scene. Masaba Gupta is, as Sunny mentioned, 24 years old and is the daughter of actress and director Neena Gupta and, I was stunned to discover, former West Indian cricket captain Sir Viv Richards. She launched her ‘Masaba’ label in 2009 when she was still a student at the SNDT Women’s University in Mumbai.

Finding pictures of Masaba wasn’t difficult but I soon realised that finding pictures of her in a saree was rather more of a challenge. She just doesn’t seem to be a frequent saree wearer. However I did eventually find this picture of her, wearing one of her own creations, on her Twitter feed. Like Sunny, I’m not entirely comfortable with some of her designs but I do like this one, cows included.

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