Three Vintage Outfits and Lots of Gold

This tinted postcard has much nicer colouring than usual, and each of the girls was costumed in a very diferent look. Ms Maroon wears a tribal style saree with double borders encircling her body and legs.  Ms Yellow has a flirty skirt above the ankle and a dark choli brought together by the lovely patterned shawl. Ms Mauve, (or changeable dove grey?) opted for elegant front pleats on a dressy saree, like those worn by royalty from Mysore.

All of them are wearing loads of fabulous gold jewellery: upper and lower ear ornaments, nose rings, large circlets around their necks, bracelets and belts. The century-old image offers much food for thought, both about the models and the fashions shown.  For me, these three graces  represent Strength/Resolution, Beauty/Femininity and Dignity/Composure rather than the usual associations. Not bad for cheap commercial postcard art!

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