Shobha Somnath Ki



Serial Sarees: Almost forgot about this category!

In the 11th century, Shobha is born to a mother who goes through pain of delivering her and a bitter father who blames her for her mother’s death. But the bright-eyed Shobha ignores the negativity of her parents. The story tells her journey as she explores love, life, valor, and the sacrifices made by her relatives, the noble King Dadda Chalukya and his beautiful wife Maharani Gayatri Devi of Bharuch. Shobha is acquainted with her cousin Chaula and the two girls blossom into attractive adolescents setting the scene for Shobha’s fate which will drive her to emerge as the heroine of her time. Will Shobha save her righteous homeland and Somnath Temple from Mahmud Ghaznavi?

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