deepshikha’s mata ki chowkary

deepshikha's mata ki chowkary

Mata ki Chowki is a story of a girl called Vaishnavi, an adopted child of Pandit Vidyasagar and his wife Shraddha. After two years, her mother, Shraddha, dies giving birth to her own child Sunakshi. From the early age of six, Vaishnavi develops immense interest and faith in “Ma Vaishno Devi”. She starts showing signs of being a super-normal child. She preaches about Mata, sings Jagrata, motivates people to follow Mata and rescues people from pain and misery. The story takes a twist when her sister, Sunakshi runs away with her lover at the time of her marriage with Vansh. And this ends up Vaishnavi marrying Vansh and throwing herself into an unfamiliar world. Here, Vaishnavi meets Sheel Kumar (father-in-law), the evil force who takes advantage of her devotion towards Mata Viashno Devi and her ability to motivate people through her preaching. Vaishnavi sees herself in a world wherein the seven deadly sins lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride have cluttered humans to look for short cuts to power, wealth and success following non-moralistic ways.

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