Cuteness galore – kids in Saree



I think after seeing these pictures, I have used up my quota of cuteness for the day.

Meet the little stars in Singapore. The proud parents help the kids celebrate deepavali.

Very precious pictures.

The mother doesn’t look like the tiger mother sort. If she was, I wonder if she would let the daughter wear a readymade pre-pleated saree. The little girl would have to stay in her room, practice pleating the saree for about 100 times and when she can drape the saree in 20 seconds, and only then, she can go out to play.

Hmm, come to think of it, thats not a bad idea – they should do that in India.

This idea of celebrating new year in other cultures is a good one. I get drunk on Christian new year and I eat too much on Indian new year but I always wanted to go to a Chinese new year and get under that huge long dragon and shake it!

What can I say? Some people want world peace, I just want to a part of paper dragon.

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