Coolest way to wear a sari? Around your Neck

Nirali Magazine has an interesting article about Saree Yarn:


Ever since my grandma taught me how to knit a few years ago, I’ve been addicted. After a long day calculating and analyzing and bs-ing at work, there is nothing more therapeutic than turning my mind off for a few minutes and letting my hands do the work on some gorgeous, soft yarn. And now that knitting is enjoying a resurgence among the cool, artsy folk, there is no need to hide my passion in Nana’s closet any longer. In fact, I recently came across some funky Nepalese Sari Yarn in a knitting store in my downtown neighborhood.

This fair-trade yarn is recycled from remnants of Indian silk saris and spun into yarn by economically disadvantaged women in Nepal. The women hand mix silk thrums (the fringe of threads left on the loom once the cloth has been cut off) and then spin it into yarn. The different colours and textures make it perfect for chunky scarves, sweaters, even socks.

This yarn is a byproduct of the colourful saris manufactured in India. The ends trimmed from the looms are collected and sent to Nepal to be spun by village women into this colourful yarn. The waste is hand spun on the Charkha Wheel which produces a spun single yarn.


Here is a sock made of saree yarn;


Nice colorful and warm

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