You can make love & war in a saree : Shefaliee Vasudev


From Chalo Mumbai, an interview with Shefalee Vaudev, Editor or Marie Claire.

At any given Fashion Week in India, the front row has every fashion editor worth her D&G glares, dress in the best of designer wear, most of the time, borrowed and Western.

Now, picture a Kanjeevaram-clad Shefalee seated amid the “established” dress coded, her choice of garment almost squashing every rule in the book, in effect redeeming a garment that’s inherently Indian!

“A certain section of India’s fashion fraternity doesn’t think I am fashionable, but I’d rather wear something I strongly associate with,” says the editor, who replaced the choli with a tank top, when she wore sarees in third year of college.

The 6-yard has stood by her through various jobs, as feature editor at Cosmopolitan, assistant editor at India Today, and now, editor of the Indian edition of a UK fashion magazine.

Why else would she not own a single “designer” saree? “They are terribly overpriced. Besides, I can’t relate to sarees trimmed with Swarovski hanging there for posterity.

I’d rather invest in a Neelambari from Benaras, or Patola from Gujarat,” says the Delhi-based editor.

I do not agree with her trepidation and complaint about the “designer saree”, I do not agree with a it a single bit but I understand it fully. One day, I will run in to her and I will explain to her the non-linear relationship between mundane, good, great, excellent and extra ordinary.

OK, a quiz for all of you saree-lovers out there:

How many sarees does Shefaliee Vasudev own?


Nope, higher!


Nope higher!


Nope, keep going!

She owns 500 sarees!

Do you know what India needs? Saree Exchange parties! Raid the closet for saree parties.

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