Trendy sarees from Sakhi Fashion


I have written about some delightful sarees from Sakhi Fashions before. They are trendy –traditional and thats what makes them exciting.This collection goes a tad further in the trendy direction.

First of all, notice the belt. It is a lot more subtle than many other saree belts that I have seen and it actually does blend in to the silhouett of the saree. Most often the belt is an afterthought, not so in this saree. It offers a downward curve to the saree that makes it sexier.

Secondly notice the blouse, it is coordinated with the saree and not like a traditional “matched” saree.

The pleats are fan folded with a little more space and breadth than I like, but over all the saree is gorgeous.

There is something about a woman clad in a 6 yard silken splendor, an understated demeanor as the soft clitter clatter of her stilettos creates an aura of mysticism around her. She exudes charm and sophistication and ensures heads turn along the way, without even intending to do so.

trendy yet classically styled designs.

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