Saree Blouse Designs from Satya Paul


Satya Paul’s new website has several new features and I like all of them.

First of all, it is a little more current now. I have never understood why some of the designers don’t update their website after a major showing?

They spend lacks of rupees on a show and then not spend a few rupees on updating the website. Even if the show is directed at the wholesaler and not the end user, I just think it is a waste of an opportunity to not capitalize on the buzz.

Satya Paul has started doing that now.

I’ll write more about the website in the coming days but I wanted to showcase some of the blouse designs that they have available for sale. The prices aren’t cheap, about $100 to $150, but some of them are interesting for sure.


To see the new website, visit Satya Paul

To see more of Satya Paul sarees and our comments, click here. Satya Paul sarees

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