Nice to see gorgeous turban designs

ImageNice to see beautifully designed turbans for men.

Sort of inspires me to write short stories about a crime fighting duo of a turban wearing handsome detective and his pretty saree clad apprentice, where inexplicably they find that everyday, the saree and the turban designs are somewhat coordinated… Hmmm..

OK, it is a poor take off on some stories that I read a long time ago where the dress of the secretary and the tie of the detective was matched.. Bella Roy or something? Anybody remember them?

ImageDoes give me an idea of creating some coordinated set of saree, chunri and turban.. I think it will be visually pleasing… Key word here is coordinated, not “matched”. I am NOT going to take two sarees, embellish one of them, take the second saree and make a chunri out of it and from the left over fabric make a turban… no, I am not going to do that…

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