Another view on Rekha’s sarees


At MSN Lifestyle, they have comments on Rekha’s gold saree and I thought they were all valid and witty and right on point.

Yawn! Yes Rekha, we get it. You have bought the town of Kanchipuram, and its citizens sit day and night creating silk wonders only for you. You have also bought the town of Kolar, which is where you get your endless supply of chunky and traditional jewelry from. And you have, on your staff, a brilliant head masseuse who keeps you hair looking so thick and luscious.
We got all that about fifteen years ago. It’s time to teach us some new lessons. Like how bad you feel about clashing with the bride’s carefully worked out gold look? And why you have sindoor in your hair. Was there another wedding we don’t know about? And if yes, how do we get those pictures?

But she looks so great in these sarees, I can never get tired of looking at her in the Kanchipuram saree with chunky jewelry from Kolar. Its like.. why mess with perfection?!

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