Satyapaul printed Kanjeevaram Saree – another look


I showcased this saree a few days and I HATED the disjointed border then and I still do.

But now seeing the saree up close and looking at the blouse and the prints and cut work, I wouldn’t dismiss it as I did before.

This is a printed Kanjeevaran saree from Satya Paul. This is what the blurb say about it:

The Satya Paul collection has printed Kanjeevarams are a beautiful blend of the old and the new; while keeping in the beautiful richness of the thread work and borders of the Kanjeevaram, the use of print makes the look of the woman to be years younger.

A Kanjivaram silk sari with machine and hand embroidery.

I thought it was worth a second look.

The previous post is here. About $3000, if you are wondering.

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