Animal Print Sarees

I have never been much of a fan of animal prints though I do think there’s a way to wear them tastefully. Since these types of prints are typically busy with small patterns, it’s best not to over do it. Here is one animal print which fails to win my approval and one that makes the cut.

black n white print

Holy cow. The print is overbearing and the exactly matching blouse washes out the beautiful woman underneath it all. There is no definition to the saree and the pallu looks like it belongs to a completely different saree. The same saree is available in red too … sun burnt cow? (


A tasteful zebra print from The print is confined to the pleats and blouse which balances out the whole ensemble. The black keeps it classy while the fun print livens the look up. The halter blouse ties also give a playful appeal to the saree. Bravo, I approve.

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