Assam Silk Sarees

muga sareeThe saree has a rich history and has many identities. Depending on which area the saree is made in will determine its make and look. Practically every region or state in India has a claim to its own variation of saree, each beautiful in its own way. India’s northeast state of Assam is famous for it’s gold-tinted silk which is used to weave some of the most beautiful, unique, and durable sarees.

The process to make these sarees is complex and requires a hand loom. The Assamese have a tradition of weaving some of the best quality sarees in India. Muga and paat are two famous types of Assam silk. These sarees are intricately detailed and known to be very durable. The price range for an Assam silk saree varies depending on its quality but a top quality muga or paat silk saree will cost a pretty penny.

To the left is an example of an Assam muga silk saree. Muga silk has a whitish sheen to it while paat silk tends to have a slightly more goldish shine. It is the sheen that sets Assam sarees apart from others as well as their tendency to have a small repeating pattern on the achal, the part of the saree that hangs over the shoulder.

Being Assam’s most famous handicraft industry, it is not uncommon for an Assam household, even today, to have a loom which is used to make not only sarees, but also towels and other cloth items.





loom eyefetch
A household loom in Assam


assam dancer
An Assam Sattriya Dancer wearing a paat silk saree


Muga Silk Saree image:
Loom image:
Assam Sattriya dancer image:

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