Transparent saree and saree blouse design with transparent sleeves


Blouses for transparent sarees need to be of slightly different kind to ensure that the balance between the the opacity of the saree pallu and visibility of the blouse remains pleasing.

This is an interesting way to address the issue; the blouse has sleeves but the fabric comes from or matches with the saree so there is some continuity and the blouse doesn’t look like a monotone bra.Also notice that there is no necklace with this saree; which is the right thing to do. There are so many things going on in the in the neck region that putting something ornate there ruins the design of the saree and makes the woman look uncoordinated.

We, as saree designers, need to find a good solution to this issue of carrying a phone while wearing a saree. It could be a part of the purse, but knowing how much do Indian women love to talk; it needs to be easier to manage and reach.

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