Meghna Reddy in in her bridal saree


Not a classic “bridal” saree, but an interesting one!

Meghana got married on December 12 to Ari Mionis, a real estate developer working with large tracts of land in the Greek islands. Ari, Meghana informs us, is also an artist, a published poet, photographer and painter! Sharing the exciting news with BT, Meghana says, “Ari and I got married after five years of being together. We had been planning to get married the last two years but due to our crazy travel and work schedule, we left it till the last minute and then finally, due to the visa paperwork time frame, we put it together in all of a week and a half!” Sameera Reddy is really happy for her elder sister. “We were overjoyed and we were expecting this. My dad was really happy to get the first Reddy sister married,” she says with a smile.

The wedding that took place in Greece saw some of Meghana’s closest friends and family members taking part in the celebrations. “Since he is Jewish and I am Hindu, we decided to do a political/civil marriage but followed it up with a quick symbolic Hindu and Jewish ceremony. Basically we got married three times in seven minutes!” Meghana wore a Kanchivaram saree which was peach in colour while Sameera wore an orange saree with a golden border and Sushma wore an ocean blue saree, both were from Ritu Beri’s collection. The wedding ceremony turned out to be quite a fun affair! “Even though it was a small affair on our front lawn with just immediate family and our closest friends here in Greece, it ended up being a super fun Bollywood Greek carnival! Colours everywhere, everyone wearing bindis and sarees and dancing to Hindi remixes too! I could never have imagined it would be like that. Since I didn’t get married in India, I brought India to Greece!” laughs Meghna

Three marraiages in seven minutes – thankfully to the same person.


We wish her well!

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