Banarasi saree as the uniform at Taj Hotel


Banarasi sarees as uniform at Taj Hotels.

The designer is Jay Ramrakhini.

The company follows the core idea of providing India to our guests the way no one else can. This basic concept is followed by all our hotels – in the architecture, interior spaces and even the uniform.

Staff belonging to 10 luxury Taj Hotels & Resorts properties in India will sport new attire this winter. Taj unveiled the new staff uniforms at a fashion show held at Taj Palace Hotel in Delhi.

Crafted by designer Jay Ramrakhiani, the new uniforms were created by the master weavers of Varanasi. By engaging these weavers, Taj Hotels has supported those, who were living in abject penury after the advent of power looms. In tune with its corporate social responsibility, Taj had identified three villages in Varanasi and taken up the cause; almost 25 weavers’ families were provided with water pumps, solar lights and medical facilities. The hotel provided the weavers with an adequate supply of yarn, dyed and coloured from Karnataka. This ensured uniform quality.

Speaking on the occasion, Sarabjeet Singh, General Manager, Taj Palace said that luxury, much like tradition, needed to be preserved and nurtured. “By using handloom sarees in our properties, we want to lend a helping hand to the traditional handloom industry and master-weavers,” said Singh. Taj has also opened bank accounts for all these weavers and payments are made directly into their individual accounts.

Source HospitalityBiz India

Here are a couple of more picture.



I really like it; it is very sharp. The pearl necklace adds just the right touch.

It also serves well as a Uniform. The uniform, especially a hotel uniform, has to be a tad different because you want the guest to be clear as to who the hotel person is and who might be a fellow guest. And this one does a really good job of making that distinction, yet being distinctive on its own right.

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