Saree and Hijab : How perfect!

Saree and Hijab should really go together; Saree is built for “modesty”.

I am not even convinced that you need a separate piece for Hijab; just the Pallu can do the job.

Saree was “designed” for even stricter rules than many found in Islamic countries. Women had to completely cover their faces even when they were in their own house, because they couldn’t show their faces to their in-laws. Thank god those rules are mostly gone in India.

In any event, feast your eyes on this coordinated saree and hijab combo.


From Muhajjabah, meaning ‘one who hijabs’ and hijab meaning ‘to cover’, which is the new Muslim women fashion magazine launched in Bangladesh. First of its kind to promote ‘Islamic’ dress in the country.


Here is another picture

sari hijab muslim

Another saree hijab post is here.

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