Wearing a sexy sari Celina Jaitley style

For Bollywood actress Celina Jaitley, being sexy is the intent, the means and the goal. And things are no different when she is wearing a sari. Celina manages to extract every bit of oomph that one could possibly squeeze from a sari. But I have to say, she does it with grace!

Here are some tips that we gleaned on sexy ways of wearing a sari from watching Celina.

If you are going to wear a plunging neckline in front, why spoil it with a tightly wrapped pallu? There is no law against draping the pallu cleverly low across the chest, and pinning on the left side so that a nice cleavage can be shown off to advantage! Here’s Celina showing how that’s done.
Celina in a sexy pink sari with a plunging neckline blouse design

Have a pretty waist? Wear the sari low on the hips and pleat the pallu tightly and pin it high up on the shoulder to show off the curve of the waist. While you are doing that, it doesn’t hurt to “leave one side out” like Celina does in this white sari and form fitting blouse.
Celina shows off a pretty waist in a sexy white sari

Have a nice back (and perky front)? Wear a halter neck bikini blouse Celina style like she does in this picture. Want to create an even more dramatic effect? Put your hands on your hips and look back sexily at the admiring retinue following you around!
Celina Jaitley shows off her sexy back and front

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